K e i i c h i . n e t   R a d i o   C h a t r o o m 

The Keiichi.net Radio Chatroom is proud to have stepped forward to the next step in its evolution. We have moved away from the AOL Instant Messenger Chatroom format to a format that is now IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Compatable. But don't fret, there is nothing you have to download or buy to connect to the new chatroom. For those of you "advanced" users, the IRC Servername, Port, and Chatroom name is below.

IRC Instructions

IRC Server: irc.rizon.net
Port: 6667
Channel Name: #KeiichinetRadio

Rizon QChat Java Client for #KeiichinetRadio

Rizon QChat Java Client

Mibbit Java Chat for #KeiichinetRadio

Mibbit IRC Chat Client