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About Keiichi.net EX² : Extreme Anime Radio

Keiichi.net EX² is an all request, live feed station that plays your Anime, J-Pop, and J-Rock favorites from our extensive playlist of over 4000 songs. Featuring songs from Clamp Campus Detectives, Shoujo Kakumeai Utena (Girl's Revolution Utena), Gundam Wing, and Mamotte Shugogetten, we provides hours of listening pleasure without fear of hearing the same song once every three hours. Also, we have a unique request system, so that if you have a particular song you want to hear, you can request it! This station is up 24x7 and broadcasts at multiple bitrates using Streaming MP3 and AAC+ technology. Keiichi.net Radio also accepts audio and banner advertising. See our Advertising section for more details.


Keiichi.net Radio's History

Keiichi.net Radio began on Feb. 1st 2001 as a small live station on Live365 with only a little over 300 Tracks broadcasting using SpacialAudio Manager v1.2. We hit our first peak in October of 2002 when we had nearly 10,000 TLH (Total Listener Hours) a month. But then we ran into problems. Live365 first started charging to broadcast, then mandatory logins. TLH started to plummit as our costs continued to rise. Plus, our connection to Live365 had become pathetically flakey, so we couldn't hold a stable stream to them for longer then 3 hours. Keiichi.net Radio reverted to a Basic stream in Mid July so we could start the progress of moving towards a new medium, towards Shoutcast.

Keiichi.net Radio relaunched on Sep. 2, 2003, triumphantly returning to the Internetwaves, but this time powered by a new Shoutcast server, an upgrade to SpacialAudio Manager 2.0, and licenesed by SWCast.net. Since then, Keiichi.net Radio has slowly moved towards having it's previous status and audience, trying to become the biggest and best Anime / JPop Radio Station on the Planet!

Special Thanks

Keiichi.net Radio would like to thank the following people for all the help they have given us. These people have helped us without any recognition or asked for anything in return, simply helping out because they believed in us and what we were doing. Without these people, I do not think we could be as successful as we have been, so thank you to all of em!

DJ Celes, Enya, Kaoru, Comter, DJ Jinnai, Yuki and many more!



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